Bike Jamboree

The bike was repaired

The bike was repaired, so we could easily go on a further journey, but before we left Page for good, we visited the Antelope Canyon. We could admire the beautiful rock formations in the company of the Navajo strainer.

After sightseeing, we got on our way. Marek clearly felt the competition because he broke 2 spokes today. We slept 25 km from Kaibeto in the yard of the hosts, who were very surprised to see three red Michelins. At night, Arizona decided to play the trick and woke up under a 5 cm layer of snow. We got to Kaibeto, where the guys repaired the bike.

We finished the day with 70 km on the meter, entering 6687 ft and going down to the station, where we caught wifi. Our night would end up under a fence, if you were not nice, you would not invite us. Also today we will sleep under the roof, without performing that snow with the option of a warm shower😊😊😊


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