Bike Jamboree

The Great Passion of the Chopsticks took place

When the whole world (!) celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, the Great Passion of the Chopsticks took place over the Grand Canyon! The five-member team Jaromir gave the relay baton to the three-member group of Joasia. We are waiting for news from #stage24, summarizing their monthly Bike Jamboree adventure in Arizona, and meanwhile – we have the first reports from #stage25!

Leader Joasia reports:
The night before we slept on a wild campsite in Tusayan, to be able to enjoy the vastness of the Grand Canyon from early morning. Here, too, we solemnly took over the baton from stage 24. We were welcomed by the sun, good atmosphere, and the prospect of an amazing adventure adds to the spirit. We congratulate stage 24 on the fortitude, because the conditions were hardcore, now they are going to sunny California, to bask a little.
After this relay celebrate day, we found another great campsite in a beautiful forest, 400 m from the southern edge of the Canyon. Our relay sweatshirts as well as red down-jackets from PAJAK made us local celebrities. 😎 Countless questions about what is going on, shared photos and also a nice gesture from girls from Bright Angel Bicycle Rentals & Cafe, who not only took care of our two-time bikes while we admired the area, they will follow our actions for the next month 🤓


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