Bike Jamboree

This is the last stage of our journey.

🇺🇸 #stage24
March 11th-14th – we are going to see the Grand Canyon 🤩
This is the last stage of our journey, at the end we will pass the baton and bikes to the Stage 25. 💪
The first two days we return to Gap and Cameron, from where it leads to the Grand Canyon Village. The rain fell during the night, which caused the beautiful Painted Desert to take on new colors. 🌈
On the third day, we left Cameron from our friend’s pastor with the intention of getting to Grand Canyon National Park. On this day, powerful orcas 🌪️🌪️🌪️ attacked the US, which unfortunately we also experienced. The wind 🌬️ was so strong that it knocked us and pushed us off the road, besides it blew from the direction in which we tried to go. After several kilometers, which we passed within 5-6h, we gave up and decided to wait. There was no question about setting up the tents, the wind would blow them out in a blink of an eye. We waited the rest of the day and night in the public toilet at the viewpoint – the only building in the area. At night the temperature dropped to -5 ° C, but luckily the wind calmed down. The next day we were able to go further. Our goal was Desert View with its campground. On the way, falling snow, wind and frost made driving very difficult. We arrived at around 15:00 and it turned out that the camp is closed and there is no other option for accommodation. We drove another 40 km along the Canyon to Grand Canyon Village. Views on the way, wonderful and all the happiness, because they saved our good moods on that day 😍 In GCV snow, frost, lack of accommodation or for billions 😞 Once again, we were saved by the incredible human goodness that we experience during our journey. This time it was Krzysztof Jagiello who took us back with him to Flagstaff, where until the morning we had “night talks”. Thanks Krzysiu 😘😘😘

March 15th – 16th – Flagstaff
We are waiting for the participants of #stage25. Together we will go back to the Grand Canyon for handing the baton.


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