Bike Jamboree

Different America

March 1st – Payson – Strawberry, 30km, 630m of driveways
We’re going on a very narrow road without a sideroad. It is not only that there is a lot of traffic, in addition to these drivers are not nice, they pass us in a very stressful way, sometimes by a few centimeters. We’ve also heard several epithets about ourself … 😞 Different America 🇺🇲
In Strawberry we spend the night at the motel “Strawberry” 😉 so that after dryness we can wait out rainy night and another day 🌧

March 2nd – Strawberry – a small town in which we wait the rain. Its inhabitants keep strangers at a distance, but you can see that they are very close to each other. Their daily meeting place is the only “Sportsman’s Chalet” in the area. The only one, but as real as in American movies. You go in and all talks are silent, and suspicious looks almost throw you outside. There is a jukebox, country music, a dartboard, hunting trophies on the walls and a lot of other things, and in the middle a bar with a barmaid-owner Gina who knows each guest by his name and knows exactly what to give him and how long to add … Wow!

March 3rd – Strawberry – Camp Verde, 65km, 660m surplus
From 1800m above sea level in Strawberry we leave again in snows and frost at 2200m above sea level, and then we descend to 900m above sea level, where the beautiful spring weather prevails, over 20 ° C. The first day more downhill, a lot of “uphills” and it turned out that there are also false “uphills”, which themselves pull up the bicycles 😉


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