Bike Jamboree

The relay baton handed over!!!

We’re coming back, slowly we’re coming back to reality… The relay baton handed over!!! We are probably the shortest and easiest stage. We had only one replacement of the inner tube. One chain and pads … 🛠 The trip companion is in the first place – the wind 🌬 and the sun 🌞 (of course). Taken kilometers 1150, of which 1075 on bicycle, because we used some short car-trip.
Encountered animals: squirrels, cormorants, horses 🐎🐎🐎, white herons, 🐇 rabbits, eagles, falcons 🦅 Snakes probably too, but we have not seen 😉
We slept: 1 night on a ship 🛳, 3 under a tent , 3 in hostels 🛌, 2 in parishes 1 with good people from Poland – #stage23a – Bartosz and Aga 👩👨 best regards!!!

Countless amounts of water We no longer like hamburgers 😝😆 🍔🍔🍔
The best meal – Polish bread with guacamole 🍞🍯.

America has shown us its faces. One with ubiquitous nature. Natural, remote, deaf. The second face – lively, glamor, pace, noise, dollars…

We leave richer for new experiences!!! We say goodbye, although the two extremes are bothering us. We miss our loved ones, and on the other hand, we regret to leave… The relay will now drive with good people of #stage24. 😊 Let the power be with you!!! 💪 We would like to thank all the sponsors of the relay and our stage – the Office of the City of Łochów, the Piotr Borysiewicz Insurance Company. #KROSS – for bikes Bike Jamboree – for the opportunity to participate in the relay!!! Greetings to all observers 🤗😊


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