Bike Jamboree

Goal achieved! #stage23 Los Angeles – Nogales reports at the finish line.

Mission completed successfully!
But let us tell you about last days… 🚲🚲

We visited Gilbert and the parish where the film “Footprints: El camino de tu vida” begins. Unfortunately, we did not met the hero personally … 🤗
Our rout changes… sometimes Steppe… steppe… arable fields closer to the towns. Although it is probably much said, rather a property, because although according to the map we can be in the city center, it is actually a middle of nowhere. Once a lowland, once highland or suddenly grows a palm forest … But it’s great to be on the road! The birds are singing, real spring!! 🤣😀 In the end, residents of other states are coming here, to Arizona and California for a warm winter … 🌞
Different time zone helps, because we have a little longer day! Traffic on the route is big, and the number of crosses on the way is paralyzing! 😓 We go to Tuscon. At night, the lynxes and coyotes are supposedly prowling here, and the California pumas are here! 🤔 😀

Our stage is probably the easiest and the shortest possible!! Full respect for all participants of Bike Jamboree!!! It’s hard for us to believe that this is the end!
We traveled 1150 km. Of which 1075 km on a bike!

In tuscon we cleaned the bikes, because the dust from the road has covered them up a bit 😉 The sacks have been repacked and the most important – the relay baton handed over to the next conquerors!!!
In the combination #stage23 and #stage24 will help Bartosz and Aga from Tuscon – thank you for your help and willingness to take over the relay baton for two weeks, as #stage23a! 😀🤗 😘😘😘 Bartek and Aga hosted us and helped in the organization. Let us add that Bartosz and Aga come from Augustów, where they once survived (as they claim) beautiful moments in the scout team 3 DSH “Dzikie Kaczki”!

We’re leaving slowly. It’s strange to drive back by car – the rout that we had to cycle for a day takes us one hour… Weird….


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