Bike Jamboree

Arizona greeted us with great people.

Welcome to #Arizona!!!
We send a lot of sunshine for you!!! 🌞🌞🌞
Hey, hey, road ahead us! We’re still going to the goal! Kilometers fly hundreds for a hundred 😊🙃 Equipment performs perfectly 👍🤗 We had the opportunity to try most of it… We are grateful that you support us on the go! 👏👏👏
Arizona greeted us with great people. 👩❤👨 We were pleased to be visiting the Polish parish dedicated to Our Lady of Czestochowa in Phoenix. The sisters and the priest gave us a delicious dinner. 🍞☕ and breakfast 🍵🍯🍇 with Polish bread and a delicious tea with a lemon, about which you could have dreamed for the last days😅 And we are going farther…
We put on a cream with a large filter and without unnecessary whining we are getting ready for the next days to… stop at the cacti!!! These are not tiny anymore 😅🤗😎🌵

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