Bike Jamboree

Welcome to Arizona!!!

Hi all!!! We are pleased that our trip is interesting to you! When you’re asleep – we’re still pedaling … 🚲🚲 SanDiego! How to move from there, how interesting. E.g. Port in which #Midway stands.
Three parts of our bodies hurts: two from the sun (meaning the face and hands) and one from the bicycle 🤣. That it would not be so colorful, the nights in the mountains are cool (at 7 ° Celsius a bit cold in a tent). But to sleep in the mountains you have to get to them! It is not so easy, if the wind blows so hard that it’s hard to get on a bike packed in panniers. And we had so two days.😝🙃 Mountains, hills, hills !!! <3

On the fourth day there was an accident on the road. It was late. The road is not passable. We managed to meet in a roadside bar a friendly owner who gave us a place to sleep in a tool crib … 🛌

Day 5, that is again uphill, views of palm trees 🌴change to cacti and aloes. And it’s not far to the border with Mexico. People are less friendly. It was difficult to find a place to set up a tent. But it worked! ⛺On the gas station one of the drivers warned us that people from these areas are not very friendly.

Day 6. We traveled along the Mexican border. Beautiful surroundings! Wild West! The best part was a descent from the stony mountains and amazing views of the desert. The next kilometers are the diversity of the landscape that pleases our eyes. 😊😀🚲🚲😎🤠🐎 Welcome to Arizona!!!

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