Bike Jamboree

The last message from #stage22 ❗

Bike Jamboree stage22 is checking out.
Task completed. Adventure and experiences will remain with us for a long time. 💞
Thank you to all who were behind us, waiting for news from the road, smiling at the sight of our faces on the photos published here. 📸 We hope that we have inspired someone to explore the world, open up to others and adventures that can be experienced. 🤸🤸
We thank the organizers and coordinators that the project is going on and we could be part of it. 👏

We spent the last days awaiting #stage23 in Los Angeles. California rewards us for the hardships of the road. 24 degrees Celsius and full sun in the sky in the middle of winter is a very nice bonus at the end. 🌞
Ofcourse we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get as close as possible to the Hollywood sign, explore the luxury brands on the Rodeo Drive in Beverlly Hills, walk the Hollywood Blvd.👨🎤 and to observe the beautiful sunset from the hill on which is the Griffith observatory, where you can check on scales as much as it weighs on any planet of the solar system. 🌅

On that day, when part of the participants from #stage22 departed from LA, #stage23 was flown to the same LAX.
We joined forces on the beaches of Santa Monica for a few hours. It was here that the action of the “Baywatch” series took place. 🤩
Exchange of experiences, good advice and good wishes for a wide road – Darek and Żaneta got a good start from us. 💪

Dear fans of the relay – Bike Jamboree has just left Santa Monica and goes further south under the code name #stage23. 🔜 It’s Darek and Żaneta look for them on the route!!!
#etap22 may relax – well done!! 👌


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