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#stage22 Bike Jamboree has reached the end of his path.

Bike Jamboree has reached the end of his path. 🤩🏆🎉
Los Angeles greeted us with rain. It’s almost all the time the third day. However, we can not complain about the weather. Only a few days during our trip it was raining. And we got wet only once, when in the rain two hours we covered one hill. California showed up on the good side. 🌞

Los Angeles gives us rest. We found a shelter at Eco Village, which is reportedly also in Poland. The rain keeps us under the roof with tea and a book. We wash bicycles, saddlebags, so that #stage23 had clean equipment. 🚴🚴
Tomorrow we expect beautiful sunny weather – up to 20 degrees Celsius. We should go a little sightseeing and show you some cool city views. 🏙

The most interesting place we visited last days is Joshua Tree Park. 👍 At the beginning, a solid climb to an elevation of over 1000 m. where the temperature has dropped to 3 degrees. Views in the park, however, compensated for the difficulty of the crossing. 🏞
After leaving Park, we found hospitality with Elka and James from Joshua Treed Food (
On the occasion of our visit, they organized a party that was visited by a lot of people from the area. Elka prepared Polish dishes – krupnik, dumplings, cabbage, she made even rolls straight from the oven. 🥟🥟🥟
On the party we met Tad, who offered to transport us with his pickup truck through a piece of the highway where there is no alternative road. It turned out to be very helpful, because the road in the rain with the speeding trucks could not be the safest of the saddle.
In the meantime, he also took us on delicious coffee and showed his company True Position Tools, and we went on a roll of food to leave. 🥪🥪🥪

An interesting situation also met us in the village of Banning. We were invited to dinner for Mrs. Marta. The housekeeper, however, due to family problems could not arrive on time, so her neighbor let us into her home. Marta ordered a pizza for us and we spent the evening on her couch, eating pizza and watching “Ghost Busters” from DVD 👻
America is a country of extremes. You can meet so many good people sharing with you everything they have, and nearby whole groups of homeless people are camping in tents or sleeping on cardboard boxes under any roofing …. 🤔

In San Bernardino we were hosted by Mike, a former professional sniper who was on five long missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. No wonder he hasthree sniper rifles in his house. Mike’s hobby is playing the guitar and drums. So the guys did a good jam session. 🎸🥁 Jarek remembered in an instant how he plays guitar after eighteen years! Mike’s neighbors had a tough evening … 🤣
Mike also made us Mexican tacos – we were eyewitnesses of Taco Tuesday 🌮🌮🌮🌮

This is where we finish cycling. We traveled a total of 1772 kilometers for 23 days. We did not have a single break at that time.
That’s what our last struggles looked like:

Obraz może zawierać: co najmniej jedna osoba, motocykl, niebo, na zewnątrz i przyroda


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