Bike Jamboree

Death Valley is ours!!!

That’s how we could summarize our last week of driving. It was not easy… But it was definitely worth it. The views, the atmosphere of this place and the adventures we have met on the way reward the effort put in every kilometer.
We already have experience in dealing with abandoned or inactive holiday resorts. We will remember the night spent in huts made of ladders for a long time.

We also have a valuable lesson that the lawn in the middle of the desert at night must be watered… Thanks to this we also know that our tents are not waterproof …

Death Valley is a place that leaves beautiful views in mind. Long kilometers with more frequently flying fighters above our heads than passing cars.

In the Death Valley, we visited Badwater – the largest depression in the USA. As it turned out later, you can not drive to the salt lake in Badwater, which cost us a fat mandate. We did a nice photo there, but we will not show it, it eventually came into being illegally…

Visits in the city of Duchow – Balarat – cost us 10 km of road in the sand.

Along the way, we also traveled through the Mojave desert. In short, there are two hills – one for three hours, the second for two, then only a long descent up to Route 66. A day of cycling. 120km and 1500m hills. The end of the day in Amboy, where after two hamburgers from the microwave we go to sleep in a hotel that was accommodated for the night, in which the last guests were 10 years ago.

Finally, we’ve set the counter, over 1500 km behind us:


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