Bike Jamboree

It is time to say goodbye to the Ocean,

It is time to say goodbye to the Ocean, we will return to it soon. We drive inland. It’s time to meet the desert. Everywhere we hear that through the partial “closure” of the government national parks are also partially closed. We know that it will affect us, but we hope that it will not prevent us from going through our goals.

On our way, we meet helpful people who prepare us delicious meals or fill our pockets with bananas and biscuits on the road, and even escort us on the narrow, winding mountain roads of a policeman. 👮 We tell our story at least several times a day. 🗣
And as no one appears on our path, we manage to find a closed holiday resort in a small town located a few dozen kilometers from the larger settlement and take it over for one night. 💪

Bathing in the ocean has already been, yesterday the time has come to bathe in wild hot springs in Sequoia Park.
Do you know how time tastes in a hot spring at the top of a hill where you had a nice few hours? Like a good energetic who gives strength for next kilometers!! 🤩

The warm-up has already been, we start to shoot more kilometers and we are also working on overhangs, and it would probably be right to say that the hills are working on us:

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