Bike Jamboree

Bike Jamboree cancels the winter!

Bike Jamboree cancels the winter! There is a blush on our faces from the sun that is still accompanying us. 🌞 We said goodbye to the last larger cloud on Christmas Eve in San Francisco. 🎄 The last 3 days we used the sun as much as we could – what do you say for an afternoon on the Palm Beach? How about swimming in the ocean? Yes!! Maybe it was not a great feat, but it means a lot to us. In Poland, a slob, and we are jumping on the waves of the Pacific! 🏄
The sun and relaxation are our determinant of the last three days. In the meantime, the New Year crept in – did you see a movie prepared for you on this occasion? Cambria Bike Kitchen served us for the set

And their main co-organizer, Aaron Linn, welcomed us and hosted in his restaurant Linn’s Restaurant. 🍲
Aaron and his friends do a really great job for young enthusiasts of two wheels – all socially in the formula of volunteering. 👏

You will probably be looking for photos from the New Year’s Eve party. Why do not you find them? Here, no one is celebrating New Year’s Eve … No fireworks, no shots. At least their pupils have nothing to fear.

Today we turn east, soon we will go to the desert. If we store more water on bikes, the range of our phones may be worse. Adventure – here we come!!!

And this is how our last lazy kilometers look:



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