Bike Jamboree

We hit the road on December 25th.

After lovely Christmas Eve with our hosts, we hit the road on December 25th. 🚴 San Francisco and Oakland is a beautiful region, but full of extremes. We’re going south. Our first stop – Stanford and Palo Alto Hills. A night at the lovely couple of Bruce and his wife – avid road cyclists. 🤩 They live on a hill, where asphalt is dream-driven in every direction. In the morning, we are awoken by the view of the bay, and in good weather, apparently even the Golden Gate bridge is visible from here. 🌁
The next day is the way through the first hills up to Santa Cruz. We were hostet by a nice man, who even came to Poland by bicycle.
We go further south – here begins an interesting nature – the impressions will not give a word, maybe it will be the photos we attach. The energy is added by sandwiches with peanut butter and jam made by Daniel and Asia. 🥪🥪🥪🥪

Forget about the number of exchanged inner tubes. We exchange all the wheels at once so that we can continue driving. 😂
Changed wheels – 1.
What else will we count?
We count kilometers and surpass!!
Details on Strava:
And how many times we bathed in the Ocean!
We have not done it yet, but we are not coming back without it !! 🏊


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