Bike Jamboree

Halfway point!

Two weeks have passed, we have not even noticed how 1000 km were bustling, we are already functioning quite well as a team, and our bodies have already come to terms with the situation.
Some travel the USA via famous Route 66, and we have our own national road 101, which we drive south. And this road evokes feelings of love and irritation at the same time. We are irritated by her mobility, sometimes narrow side-walks, drivers who do not see the signs of “share the road”, driveways that give us crazy cardio … all evil happens on the left. On the right side, everything that we love 101 is happening: oh, ocean waves, wide beaches, whales (!), Viewpoints where somehow strangely lengthened, huge dunes, sunsets, longed-for sandwiches with peanut butter and others beauty that guarantees the Oregon Coast Bike Route coast. We recommend! Road 101 is not a way, it’s a lifestyle. 🤩

Parent’s Corner – #stage21 rutine:
The first alarm clocks ring at 6 am, when it is still dark. 😴 We get up always with the intention of quickly grasping, but we already know that it depends on where we stay. When we are lucky to spend the night in private homes, the case looks like this: a cup of coffee / tea, pancake for you or maybe you prefer fried or scrambled egg with bacon? 🥐🥞🍳 That’s how quick meal turns into big fiest In contrast, after an overnight stay in a tent, the water for oatmeal is cooked very quickly. And then life is so simple: we get on and go. We have breaks to stretch our knees and admire the coast every 15 km. We also arrive after dark, looking for hosts at the doorstep or with the mission of finding such ones. Then dinner, and here also depending on the accommodation option: steak, crab, roast, salads and desserts or… Olga’s delicious pasta

Today, instead of ranking the flag, the list of encountered animals:
🦌 Elks: 4
🐉 Sea lions:> 100
🦅 Eagle: 1
Coyote: 1 on the shoulder, R.I.P.
🐦 Hummingbirds: 2
🐋 Whales: 3 fountains
Roe deer: here and there.

Greetings from Bandon on a long-awaited Saturday,
🤪 Mischiefs from 21.


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