Bike Jamboree

The first rest is behind us!

The first rest is behind us! Saturday is our day without pedaling and must admit – relaxation was real! 🛋 The NFZ could refund the stay with Sue and Angelique as a sanatorium trip. In the program there was a crab party on the coast and an opera, which turned out to be a nap in three acts. 😴
The most important information from recent days, however, is the fact of crossing the state border! 🚧 And in what style!!! We passed Washington and attacked the 6 km Astoria border bridge with a heavy driveway, to welcome Oregon with a powerful shortness of breath. And what? And we do not slow down the pace 🌬
Do not think that we are so sunny and colorful only. We have minus temperatures, we have buts-aches, we have murderous climbs and serious faults of bicycles and the constant rush annoys us, but we also have super high morale and a great humor. 💪 Mainly due to the ocean, which in addition to food, the route enjoys us the most. And besides all … IT’S LESS WHEN YOU COUNT IN MILES!!! 👍

Greetings with Barry Sample from Lincoln City.

Continuing unprecedented adventures of #stage21:
We did not meet Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen.

Statistics after 9 days:
🔜 Kilometers: 744, shortly ^ ^
Tunnel: 1
🛀 Jacuzzi baths: 1
Nights in tents: 1
🏡Nights at scouts: 2
Nights in churches: 2
🤯 Nights under the roof with a history that you will never understand: 5

Flake ranking:
Emila: 6
Łukasz: 3
Karolina: 3 + spoke
Daniel: 2
Olga: the forklift truck screwed into the wheel, which causes the hook to bend and the spoke to be damaged.


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