Bike Jamboree

Kilometers were driving, and we…

We’re glad that we are going through populated areas, because people we encounter give us POWER 💪 and remind that it is a unique trip, not some madness 🤪. Fighting with driveways is much easier, even after 100 km, if you know someone is there somewhere awaits! And if you know it’s a scout group, you pedal until the spokes break. And they cooked a dinner for us! Thank you som much #Troop1460!
And when after the meeting you land in a warm home, do the laundry, and before bedtime you soak the sore in the jacuzzi under the stars, in the morning you wake up feeling at least the power of Rafał Majka! 😀 Thanks for the hospitality, Laura Vila! And – Shana Scott for president! 👏

The next night we slept in church ⛪, and with the shower they waited for us in the public pool! Thanks to Pastor Pam and Pastor Rod with family;) 👨👩👧👦

And when you think that there will be a camping, but a lady from small grocery store calls somewhere and we land in the church again, faith in people returns! Mat under the altar itself, because there is a nicer flooring – as advised by Pastor Garry! 🛌
Well, that’s how you can do the hourney! <3

Kilometers were driving, and we:
😮 did not meet Native Americans in their areas
🧛‍♂ we did not see vampires in the town of Forks from “Twilight”
🌳 rain forest was the only place where it was not raining on us.
It’s good that the Pacific did not disappoint – htere was! And we hope that it will be with us until the end. 🏄‍♂

Parent’s corner:
Everyone’s healthy. Buts hurts, but we cry only with laughter. It is not cold for us. We do not lose weight. 🚴‍♂🚴‍♀🚴‍♀🚴‍♀🚴‍♂

Statistics after 5 days:
Kilometers: 487! nice, duh?
Llamas: 1
Alpaca: a herd
Jacuzzi baths: 1
Nights in tents: 1
Nights at scouts: 2
Nights in churches: 2

Flake ranking:
Emilia: 3
Łukasz aka Kasz: 3
Karolina: 2 + spoke
Daniel: 1

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