Bike Jamboree

Princeton – Manning Park – 71 km

Princeton – Manning Park – 71 km

A great that day everyone was waiting for. The final skirmish with the mountains, the last mountain stage on our route. And, what a stage! 😮 Few days ago we were scared to pass the 700-meter driveway behind Jasper, and now we are waiting for a over 70 kilometers rout with total climbs of over 1,300 meters.

Once again, we leave a relative civilization and go to the mountains, where at most pass us passing cars among the silent nature. There is no denying that the moods are militant, mainly by the shining sun. This is the third day when the weather literally spoiles and undresses us. There is no single cloud in the sky. 🌞

The day passes on persistent climbing uphill. At the end, we’re all pumped out, so we stay a few kilometers before the planned stop. 😥 Typicall evening at the campsite. Food and campfire. 🔥 Gazing at the flame, everyone realizes that it’s getting closer and closer to the end of our journey. 🏁 Only whether to enjoy it or just the opposite? At night again we have minus temperature – it’s so cold, that tents freeze from the inside. 😨

Manning Park – Hope – 68 km

And the path leads us, Hope is right behind her. 🎵🎤🎶 Hope is a pass to civilization, as well as plain areas. This is also an award for all who climb, because this day we were waiting for the descent from 1343 m above sea level to 42. 😁 The sum of descents is even better, over 1600 m

Rest, some free kilometers. Just a bit of attention to the icy or moist fragments of the asphalt, to the trucks on the back. In total, we traveled about 30 kilometers, breaking the speed record twice, first at 55.6 km / h, then 60.7. What a ride it was. 🎉🎊🎉🎊 We drove so fast, that Maciek was faster than some passed trucks! 💨

We are entering Hope with hopes that maybe someone will take us in for the night. In such situations, we go somewhere for free internet and wait. This time, McDonalds was swarming with homeless people. I wonder what Ronald McDonald would have said. 😁 We spent the night at the city campground.

Hope – Chilliwack – 55 km

The sun is greeting us again 🌞. For the first time in more than 2 weeks we wake up and the tents are not frozen … they are just wet. 💧 We celebrate the last night in a tent with porridge and slowly get on our way, first making a break for the internet in a cafe, then on a gas station. Photo session at the exit to the city, as well as fun with weight for trucks. 😅

The landscape has totally changed. First of all, it is flat and green. 🌳🌱🌼🌻 Autumn returned, the trees on the side of the road have leaves that have not yet fallen to the end. This is the ‘warmth’ that everyone said was going to be in Vancouver. From the very morning I am riding in one sweatshirt, the first time since leaving the Prince George. 😳

The road is straight and flat, so kilometers run away quickly. By the time. For the last few kilometers something strangely bobbed up my back wheel. It turned out that we inflated the rear tire too much and just started to break. We stand in the middle of nothing, so the choice was limited to tritics or gray tape. Of course, the tape won so a moment later I was able to enjoy the new design of my #Kross. 💅🔨🔧😁

We end the day on a farm with Tom’s parents who are currently cycling around India. We could take a long waited shower, and enjoy warm, long evening. When I write these words, Tom still milks cows, he has about fifty of them. 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄 And our goal is less than 💯 kilometers away ….


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