Bike Jamboree

Kelowna – Trout Creek Campsite – 70 km

Oh, man very quickly gets used to the comfort. And the comfort again was too short. In the morning with heartache, but without knee pain, we eat breakfast together with our host, who still shows us his pictures with the biggest monument of pierogies (dumpling) and sausages that you can find in Alberta. 🤣 In revange – we show him the suggestive combination of SkyTower from Wrocław with the monument of revolutionary deed from Rzeszów. 🤪

We left the mountains, but the mountains do not leave us. 🏔 Thanks to many advices, we head over to Kalamaka Lake and enjoy the picturesque route without cars. We’re again experiencing capricious Canadian weather. It’s raining, then the sun goes out, but it starts blowing in the face, We’re fighting the wind for the first time during this trip. 🌪 The views are breathtaking and, despite everything, we jealous a bit of these lakesides.

The Okanangan Valley region is famous for its wine 🍷 and fruit, full of vineyards and orchards. Also, the names of the towns are not accidental. We sneak through Peachland 🍑 and Summerland 🏖 and start another climb, this time along a gravel road. We disappear from the main arteries of Okanangan Valley and again hard to reach, shop or people around. We spend the evening at a roadside parking spot. The temperature drops to minus 8 degrees, so we spent some moment by the fire and it remains only to crawl in sleeping bags #PAJAK.

Trout Creek Campsite – Princeton – 70km

The old bicycle truth says – after driveways comes drives down the hills. And those came in the beautiful weather! 🌞 But before the sun emerges from behind the mountains, you have to warm up. Then you can take off one of the three layers of clothes, or replace it with another one. Another saying says: who during the winter camping does not take water to the sleeping bag, won’t drink in the morning. 😰 And it works well, because although the stores are on the map, in reality everything is closed.

The landscape is changing once again. We found ourselves in the surroundings resembling our forests at the Baltic Sea. A lot of sand and conifers. 🌲🌲🌲 There are wide pastures growing on the hills, on which there are extensive ranches. We go to Princeton, where we stay for shopping and dinner. This is a true fete, because we do not often stop to eat in the “restaurant”. Locals accost us and warn against the temperature, which at night is to fall below minus eight. Well, we don’t quite worry anymore. 💪


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