Bike Jamboree

First successes, failures

First successes, failures, but first of all the first internet! 📡 After four days of driving, we reached the first town on our way. McBride is located in the valley – we conquered over 12 km downhill! – surrounded by over 2,000 peaks already heavily splattered with snow. 🗻

Usually this time of year British Columbia is covered with snow, but this year it is not even raining especially for Bike Jamboree. The temperature at night does not drop below 0, and when warm our tents up, it even over 6 degrees inside. 🌤 👍

We are also lucky meeting wonderful people on our way. Both in Prince George and in McBride, we spent the nights under the roof with families who not only took a keen interest in the project, but also solidly nursed us and provided us for the ride. We also took the first shower after a few days! 🛀

Now – about bad luck. The road is simple but not steady. The wide roadside, good surface cause that the driveways are good to achive and we go down very very fast – the record according to different devices is 50.5 km / h or 62 km / h This is important, because our entire route is up-and-down with varying degrees of inclination. Traffic on the highway is not big. Trucks pass us at a safe distance, and you can hear them from 300 meters. Unfortunately, driving along the highway they lose a lot of different elements, most often sharp and metal ones. So far, each one of us would easily get a job in a bicycle service, because we changed the inner tubes up to … 7 times! (Wojtek 2, Monika 3, Maciek 2, and Jagoda …. 0). 👨🔧

Plan for the next days is not to get rain and get to Jasper!

Distance: 211 km
Sum of driveways: 1618 m
Shower: 1
Bears on our way: 0
Inner tubes changed: 7
Oatmeal for breakfast: 4


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