Bike Jamboree

We left Houston with an escort and task.

Before we left Houston, we visited city park, where we saw three things that the town is famous for:
1. The world’s largest rod🎣
2. A stuffed grizzly bear that went to the showcase when it was shot in the early 2000s. Hunting for it lasted over 5 years. The legend says, that he was captured after he haunted for 30 cows. He lived on the Hungry Hills. A few years after, another grizzly bear hunted for cows in the same area and his capture took several years. The locals suspect that both bears, which at the time of the kill were record-high, were somehow related. No one knows the truth. 🐻
3. A salmon-fountain. Houston, as well as many other places in British Columbia, is famous for beautiful places for fishing. Interestingly, many fishermen releases their fish back to the lake. 🐟

That day we made 83 km, in a beautiful sun and beautiful grounds. We had the opportunity to meet very curious and photogenic deer. 📸

We also left Houston with an escort and task. We received the traveler’s cookies from our last hosts. 🍪 We got it not only to for our strength, but also to share them with people we meet on the road so that everyone has the strength to safely return home. This is the African custom from Lesotho. The country where our hosts met each other. 👩‍❤‍👨

Rout in kilometers: about 14,37km
Sum of driveways: 9782m
Days of cycling: 21, 24 days from the start
Bears on our way: 3
Bisons on our way: 0
Mouse in the tent: 1
Hot springs visited: 1
Camping nights: 14
Inside nights: 9
Aurora borealis: 1 but small.
Patches on inner tubes: 3
Changed inner tubes: 3
Foxes on our way: 4
Meadows on our way: 2
Broken spokes: 1


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