Bike Jamboree

Route 16

Since we drove into route 16 also called Yellowhead, there are some amazing things going on. Ofcourse, evein in Hazelton we heard a few stories about emerging UFO near Huston but nothing like that … 👽

At the campground in Hazelton, a lady walking around with a dog approached us and asked where we were going. Of course she was a bit surprised to see cyclists at the end of October. It turned out that Cathrin is Kasia, whose parents come from Poland and her mother lives in the next city where we plan to rest a bit. She quickly persuaded us to take a day off in Smithers and spend Saturday with her,
her husband and her mother.

We spent our free day talking about life in Poland and Canada. There were 3 puppies in the house, which made the stay a lot diversified. 🐶🐶🐶

Our next stop was in Houston. We stopped at a pair of experienced cyclists who rode for us 20 km on their tandem. Carrie and DJ have been pedaling together through the world for 40 years, and spent their honeymoon riding their tandem across Canada and looking for a suitable place to settle. A very inspiring couple. 🥓🍪🍳

Besides cycling, we spent the last few days on getting to know great people and it is a great feeling that perfectly completes the experience at Bike Jamboree.


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