Bike Jamboree

Ladies and gentleman – here’s a bear!

Meeting a bear in Canada is very possible scnario. So what to do then? First, respect him. After all, it’s a big animal. Also it is worth keeping calm and common sense. The escape is not recommended. Bears run and faster than us… even on such a great bikes .

The ultimate thing is to use a bear spray, but this is only done when there is a direct threat to life.

To maintain safety, anti-stress prevention is important. While camping, we eat our meals at least 100m from tents. Likewise, for the night, we place our food supplies and cosmetics away from the tents.

We have several solutions that we use depending on the place and the possibilities. And so, we keep all our smelly-yummy stuff:
1. In the bushes
2. In the closed bags hanged on trees
3. In food boxes designed for campers
4. In empty garbage bins that are not much different from food caches.

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