Bike Jamboree


Regeneration of strength is as important as riding itself, if we want to reach the finish. After 6 days on the road, we decided to spend two days at Watson Lake.

Although the weather may get worse every day, and the forecasts are merciless, we will not go without rest. Especially that we have about 700km to drive, which probably will be overcome every day.

The seventh and eighth days of our trip were the regeneration days. On the first day we relaxed in hot springs. During a two-hour drive, we admired the extremely picturesque route, during which we saw numerous bison grazing near the road. Our bodies and souls felt very well after this day!

At Watson Lake we also wanted to visit the museum of the Northern Lights, but the realities in this part of Canada are hard. After the season – at the end of September – all museums and tourist attractions are closed. Tourists are gone and a long 8-9 months winter begins.

The second of our brake was the planning-day. The weather conditions have changed dramatically over the last 48 hours. The announced snow started to fall, the temperature during the day is around 0°C. For a cyclist, it’s probably one of the worse options. Like riding in the snow, however, everything will melt on our bodies, which is why we are getting ready for rain. In addition, there are fewer and fewer stores ahead of us. We planned all the meals, combined the liofas, porridge, snacks so as to be self-sufficient. We made the oven service.

We also visited Sign Forest and left a sign. If you ever visit this city, look for the Bike Jamboree signboard in Sign Forest! We also devoted the entire day to carbohydrate recharges.


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