Bike Jamboree

The next three days of driving behind us.

The next three days of driving behind us, the next episode of our journey traveled. The last three days we traveled from Teslin to Watson Lake. Every day we defeated in order 90/88/82 km. The terrain has many elevations and their sum can knock down. For the last 3 days there we drove elevation of 1950m.

The third day of the trip was exceptionally long, we arrived at our destination at 20.45. In camping conditions, this is not the right situation and we must start breaking the camp at least half an hour before sunset.

Until now, the weather was great, beautiful sunny sky and few clouds. The forecast, however, indicates that it will start to snow in a moment. 🙈

Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to see the northern lights and we probably will not see it anymore, we are just moving south and our chances to see this wondeful night show are decreasing with every kilometer.

After six days of driving now the time has come for a well-deserved regeneration.

Stage 19 in numbers:
Route in km: 438
Sum of driveways: 3096m
Days of cycling: 6
Bears on our way: 0
Bisons on our way: 0
Mouse in a tent: 1
Hot springs visits: 0
Camping nights: 3
Aurora Borealis:
Patches on inner tubes: 0
Changed inner tubes: 0



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