Bike Jamboree

#Stage19 reports full readiness!

The relay baton was taken over, the bicycles were oiled and the panniers packed. There is not waiting a short road for us but over 1600 kilometers.

We have food supplies, we’ve prepared what we could, and now it’s time for an adventure.

The stay at Whitehorse was short but intense. We planned to visit the city and surroundings but it turned out that it is not so easy. Preparations, planning the last shopping and shipping of the bike took us almost two whole days. Fortunately, we have had Polish priest, Sławek, who has been in the parish in this city for two years. Thanks to him we saw several beautiful places in the area. Unfortunately, only for a moment, so there was a bit of insufficiency.

Now, however, we will be able to enjoy nature. This weekend we are moving in an extended composition:
Kasia Kosińska-Poulet
Ania Rybaltowska
Grzegorz Drwal
And special guest Breandan – scout from Whitehorse. Welcome to the team !!!

Stage 19 in numbers
Bears on our way: 0
Bisons on our way: 0
Hot springs visits: 0
Camping nights: 0
Patches on inner tubes: 0
Changed inner tubes: 0


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