Bike Jamboree

While waiting for #stage19

While waiting for #stage19 we prepare equipment for handover, we visit Whitehorse and we get to know its surroundings and we also try to make the project in this part of Canada as famous as possible All thanks to courtesy of Father Sławek.
Our bike-bags are already cleaned, the equipment prepared and the bikes after the review are waiting for the next daredevils . In addition, we were able to contact Valérie Royle, the Minister of Sports and Tourism of Yukon, who promised to continue the promotion of Bike Jamboree.
In the meantime, we visited the MacBride Museum of Yukon History, the main places in the city and beyond. We arrived at Skagway – that is, we headed again for a few moments towards Alaska and we also hooked on a piece of British Columbia. Then we went to Carcross (the name was formed from the words caribou and crossing, unfortunately, no caribou has ever graced us with their presence). There, we met students from the sports school in Whitehorse on a school trip. We spontaneously told them about the project . They listened to the presentation with great interest. 🚲 🚲 🚲
Soon our adventure on AlCan Highway will come to an end, and the baton will be handed over to stage 19 we wait!



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