Bike Jamboree

Another day, another adventure!

Another day, another adventure! After leaving the Discovery Yukon Lodgings, where at night the temperature dropped to about 5 degrees below zero and we could admire a substitute of the northern lights, we set out on our way.
On Saturday we were struggling mainly with the wind blowing straight in the face. Each of the 65km of the road seemed to last forever. This time we were also forced to sleep in the wild but we were a little less lucky than before. In the morning it turned out that two of our bike-bags were torn apart by some animal 🦊 We lost bowl and powdered soup. After fast tuning the bag we hit the road again.The wind again blowing in the face, but this time with a nice companion of the sun 🔆, again beautiful views 🏔 And again the inner tubes for patching;) After 70km we reached the destination – Destruction Bay. Ahead of us two more days to the Haines Junction.


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