Bike Jamboree

After Beaver Creek we went further through Canada

Thursday has started in typical American style! Burgers for breakfast has put us on our feet. There were also a few rounds of football – well not only bike charges our batteries! 🚲
After Beaver Creek we went further through Canada. 🇨🇦 At the very beginning of the road, we got to road works We waited our way and we went further, however, it turned out that there was a swinging traffic on the 50km stretch, and the beautiful asphalt pavement turned into gravel which significantly slowed us down. At the beginning the weather was not good but after a few kilometers we managed to escape the biggest cloud. In the meantime we provided another cracked tire, and in the evening we arrived at the beautiful Discovery Jukon Lodgings. There we decided to replenish the energy supply for the next days – a four-day road ahead to Haines Junction , a bit wild, a bit at the campground, what will it be, we’re ready for everything

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