Bike Jamboree

Such a daily life among warm people with open hearts!

The waiting time for the luggage dragged on mercilessly. We spent it in Anchorage meeting many interesting people, listening to their life history. We got into an ordinary Alaskan life, work, home, children, moving… On the table once American pancake, once Wielkopolska’s dumplings bite . Playing with Cora and Bryce. Such a daily life among warm people with open hearts! A cup from our Blackroom on a shelf in the kitchen of an American house. Even the size is the same! We are glad that despite the problems with luggage we managed to leave a Polish mark in such a distant corner of the world, a piece of our small homeland: Czarnków, Czarnkowsko-Trzcianecki Poviat An important part of our expedition is also the ZHP Trzcianka Hufiec. Thank you for your support and for keeping your spirit in mind during our utterly unexpected adventures. In the garage of our hosts Agata and Ashleya there are #Kross bikes with #Crosso panniers. We would like to thank the #Steico S.A. company for their help in transporting this equipment to Alaska. Thank you also for purchasing relay shirts and a supply of lyophilized food for the heaviest part of the road in Denali National Park. Unfortunately, jaunting disappeared together with luggage… For support and great motivation we would also like to thank Epro Wave Ewa Magdalena Lach.
We are very built on how many people want to help us and have joined in the search for missing things. Thank you for being with us!

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