Bike Jamboree

Magadan !

Five people 👩👩👨👨👨
5 KROSS bicycles 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲
1 Magadan’s Route
2025km 🛣
14000m increase
29 beautiful days 👌🏞🏝🏜🏔
Milion of wonderful people met on the road 🤗🙏🙌😍😘

Did they did this…

🚲 weeee diiiiiid iiiiiit🚲🎉🎊🎇🎈🎉🎊🎆🎇🎈🎉🎊🎆🎈🎇

#stage15, actually 15 and a half are reporting at the finish line
The road to the end did not have mercy – even entering the city from the hill and uphill 😁 but … Already some 200km earlier appeared asphalt and you know what? Although we have previously kissed every piece of it, today we agreed that if it was on the whole route, it would lose its unique charm for a long time, we will remember the dust on the road, which willingly stuck to the body, the experience of “abgyminic” on the bumps, stones and sand🏋🚴💪🙌 and the drivers’ hoot, signifying heartfelt greetings, and yet not infrequently causing a heart attack 📣🔊😱😉
We’re just starting to tour Magadan, but compared to the cities we’ve seen before, we can already see that at the end of the world – a real metropolis😱🏫🏦🏥🏨
I, Monia Szen – leader of the 15th stage, I would like to warmly and joyfully thank my companions for such a beautifully spent time, for courageous kilometers, for reaching the goal, for strength, perseverance and the realization of dreams! 🍀🌈
Dorota Młynarczyk, for calculating all mathematical puzzles in the memory, without you, we probably would not know how much money we spent until today 😂😉 for good ideas pogod and cheerfulness 😇🌄
Zygmunt Piętak, for perseverance and strength, which mobilized for driving (especially uphill 😁), good advice, experience and technical support🔧👍
Marcin Dałkiewicz, for great navigation, parish linguistic abilities, thanks to which everything was simpler and we could learn a lot 👍 for a good word, support and willingness to act 👊😊
Daniel Brożek, for artistic inspirations and musical elations all along the route🎶🎤🎹, for the keyboard in the bag (I’m still impressed by 😝), for help in the simplest activities, no complaining and “golden handle” 😁👌

This, without a doubt, was a journey of life😍 thank you Bike Jamboree for such an opportunity 👏💚💛💙👏

We’ve arrived, but it’s not over yet! Stay tuned!!! 😁🙃

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