Bike Jamboree

Greetings from Yagodnoye!

🇺🇸 #stage15 Greetings from Yagodnoye! 🙃We were cut off from the world a little and many things happened at that time 😎🙃😁 We crossed the next TWO time zones🕐🕜🕒 and now we are 9h ahead, which means we are getting older 9h faster 😱 But that also means, that after we get back, we will have twice the same day, so it’s worth it! 😜 Not only that we have already made 1/2 route – 1000 km 🚲💪, we have traveled another 500, so 3/4 of the way is behind us 😎🚲 Sometimes we kiss asphalt, sometimes we do not feel hands from a stony road and potholes, sometimes against the wind (rarely the wind in the back …), and sometimes we regret that it is almost the end 😉 As it was promised, there is more and more mosquitoes 😱🐜😱 They are tiring, but we try to get used to it 🤔 People from cars regularly supply us with more or less effective repellents🐜🚫 The road is still uphill and downhill 🏞 but the landscapes change regularly, which makes our trip very interesting. We pass many abandoned cities and places of gold mining💰 and in stores there is many Polish accents 🇵🇱 Sleeping places are also surprising – from tents in the taiga #marabut #primus #bestwaytosleep, through abandoned trailers, workers’ containers on the road, where we have also been accommodated in a mobile sauna😁🛁🚿👌👍, and ending with a two-floor apartment, to which we were invited by a woman we met in Ust-Nera 🙏😍😘🤗 It is true that Russia is surprising at every turn, Siberia even more! People are dears and help as much as they can. 😘 Everyone has their own thoughts on this subject and will definitely share them after returning 😉🏞

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