Bike Jamboree

The p504 road has it’s own laws

The p504 road has it’s own laws 🚳 And it’s not, that you can drive the right, left or center – where the smallest bumps temporarily 😝 You can also stop anywhere and anytime, and when we stop, the kamaz drivers stops as well 😂 We don’t blame them – we are rill celebrities here 🤗 Information about our journey usually surpasses us several hundred kilometers 😂 And this is how we got an invitation for a picnic – the car drove up, the driver said “Come on, come on, turn right to the forest, there’s a picnic waiting for you” and than he turned back and left. Well, how not to go?! At the picnic they greeted us with pancakes like bread and salt. 😉 We were seated at the same table with Ust-Nera mayor, and probably they didn’t expect how much we can eat after a few days in the forest 😂😂😂 Pierogies, meat, fruits, vegetables and horse milk – heaven in mouth. After such a feast, we had to pull our bellies to pose for all these pictures. 😬 Than somehow we got a dozen or so kilometers to Ust-Nera, and there we met a wonderful lady who welcomed us in her home (hot water and floor 😍). We tried to repay her with stories from the road and presentation in the local orphanage. Half road after us, keep your fingers crossed

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