Bike Jamboree

Russian banya (sauna), that’s it!

Russian banya (sauna), that’s it! 😁 We did not even think that we would be so fortunate on the way after the first night spent in the tent #marabut and the hardest day (about 1399m elevation and 95km traveled) a meteorological station appears on our way, which you can not even see on the map. At the station they already knew about our trip, because one of the men met on our way told them to prepare for us As soon as they saw us in the distance, they started to heat the water in the sauna – we could not refuse! 😁👍👌 We stayed a little longer organizing the economic day, and waiting for the visit of parents…. but strangely no one came 😉😜 It was time to wash and clean the #crosso bags, we also drenched and warmed sore muscles and again we can go on the road🚲🚲🚲 Only a small service of our #KROSS bikes on the channel and we continue on 🏞🚲💪 🇵🇱🇷🇺 Ah, and those vieeeeews! 😍🏔

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