Bike Jamboree

The Magadan Route

It’s beautiful here! The Magadan Route, despite its infamous history, has a great charm! We go downhill and up the whole day, but the real mountains are ahead of us 🙂 💪🏔🏞 Every day we drive about 90 km, but the sun doesn’t go down now, so we have a lot of time 😎 🚲👍 As we mentioned, we meet with great kindness during our trip! People who pass us by, stops cars and ask what kind of trip is it and how they can help. Sometimes they ask us, who pays us for this effort…. 😜😂😉 There wa also one man, who made us all very emotional. He took ice cream from his truck and gave us, then organized us overnight at school👌 Most of the time we feel like movie stars, because everyone wants to have pictures with us 📸😁 We got to Teply Klyuch, where a retired teacher – accepted us for the night. Here we could use a warm showe – first time since leaving home! Also, the city opened specially for us a museum of the Magadan Route – it was an interesting history lesson of the region. And besides, we do not have time for anything and we continue to ride. Our bikes from #Kross after a year of pedaling still works great 😉🚲👌🚲🙌

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