Bike Jamboree

And the road is looong…

And the road is looong! We ride and we have a great sun – in the day about 35 degrees Celsius, and at night about 6, but it’s not terrible, because people accept us with open arms and doors 😉 We have crossed the river Aladan and in the town of Keskil we presented the Bike Jamboree project to the children 🚲💪🚲 Our hearts grows, seeing such an interest and goodness of the people we meet! We drank chay (local tea) and ate smoked fish at the Yakutsk babushka, who, seeing us from the window, invited us to her home. People are happy to talk to us and share their stories. We are surrounded by beautiful and amazing nature! We are about to leave the last village before the mountain section, and then for 500 km “nichevo”, only mosquitoes and bears


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