Bike Jamboree

It will be a long story…

It will be a long story, because when Bike Jamboree enters the Siberian wilderness, and on his way meets friends from years ago, there are a lot of memories…
More than a week ago, we arrived to Ałdan, where we stayed in very comfortable conditions. And thanks to Makarea’s father who remembers me from the expedition four years ago. We got a bag of food on the road. Makara’s father called the Orthodox Church in Tommot, which was the next town on our way. We were also very well received there.
After many days of the road, on the evening of May 31, we arrived at the village of Kiurdem. And here we were welcomed very hospitably – we slept in the sports hall 🙂 We slept on the mat where the youth trains are held. We were supposed to spend only one night there, but the director mentioned the concert on the occasion of the end of the school year, which we were very interested in. Due to the fact that we had a few days of rest we were happy to use. Before the concert, we told about our relay. In order to reach our finish line and to meet #stage15, we have to take a ferry to Yakutsk, via one of the longest rivers of Siberia – Lena. We already see the end of our adventure!

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